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Yoink.comWe all have a pile of items that we no longer use gathering dust on some corner. These things are not only being put to no use, but they are actually eating up space that we could be putting to a better use.


Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling for everybody if these items were given away to people who could actually benefit from them? I bet most people would answer that question affirmatively. I know for sure the folks who came up with Yoink would do.

Their service enables you to give away these items that you have and that are surplus to your requirements, while being able to receive items you need yourself and that others are willing to part with.

The site is subdivided accordingly, and a “Find” section is accompanied by two which are named “Get” and “Give”. An interactive map is likewise provided for you to see what can be found in you vicinity at a mere glance.

At the end of the day, something like this is quite invaluable when people are facing economic hardships like the ones we all are sadly accustomed to face today. It also highlights the best aspect of human nature (IE, giving without expecting a monetary retribution in return), and that is commendable indeed. In Their Own Words

“Yoink is the easiest way to get free things from people near you and give things away you don’t need. It only takes a minute so just get started!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service stands as a true exponent of kind-heartedness in times of difficulty.

Some Questions About

Which countries have seen the biggest share of givers so far?

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