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YoHDR.comHigh dynamic range photography is a technique whereby images of the same scene (which have been taken at different times) are combined to create one that mixes the best light and shadow features of each.


If that concept sounds interesting and you wonder exactly how it translates into practice, then this site is going to show you. Basically, it will let you provide three different photographs and have them combined and processed into one.

The site is quite easy to use (not to mention that it is absolutely free while in beta). You are provided with clear indications on what kind of picture you exactly need to upload – just any old image is not going to do the trick. You are going to need an image that looks natural, one that looks dark, and another that is on the bright side. If you already have something like that, then you can simply use the featured uploader and then retrieve the finished picture by downloading it. And remember: the service is free while it is in beta. In Their Own Words

Easily Create Great HDR Photos Online

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives you the chance to do things with images that are not that readily replicable anywhere else.

Some Questions About

How much is this service going to cost once it comes out of beta?

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