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YippieMove.comThe tagline of this application is “e-mail transfers made easy”, and it adheres to this philosophy by enabling users to back up e-mail accounts that they are about to lose or close in a simple three-step process.


Basically, this process involves specifying the account that you want to move your e-mails from, provide a Gmail account to which the mails will be transferred, and paying the fee that is charged.

The transfer itself should be taken care of within a forty eight-hour period, and you can always check out the way things are shaping up by visiting the “Status” page.

The process preserves not only the actual archive of e-mails but also the attachments that accompany them, so it can be said that this solution is a comprehensive one.

The site also includes a thorough list of the sources which are currently supported by the company, and this list is broken down into categories such as “Business & Personal”, “Colleges/Universities” and “International Providers”.

All in all, this is a good bet for those who are looking into ways of preserving vital information and can’t afford to copy messages one by one. Check it out at the provided URL and see if it will accommodate your needs or not in person. In Their Own Words

“Got an email account you’re about to lose or close? Need a backup of your email? Liberate your email and transfer it to Gmail in 3 easy steps with YippieMove. We will copy your archive of emails into your Gmail account while preserving your emails’ subject, text and attachments. And thanks to our fast servers, it doesn’t need to take long at all.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This service stands as a suitable way of preserving information in a hassle-free fashion.

Some Questions About

How much does the company charge for this service?

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