KillerStartups – Optimize Your Ads Get More Cash

YieldBuild.comHow do you advertise your site? It’s easy to paste some ads on and have no real worries, except that you’re probably not going to make that much money. Rather than going the simple, and unsure route, you could try YieldBuild.

YieldBuild optimizes your ads for you so you don’t have to do any tedious legwork. They’ll take into account such factors as placement, ad network and color in order to make your ads work their best. Basing their work on both demographics and best ad practices, they guarantee that you’ll make more. Their specific slant is towards design. They use algorithms and tests to determine what works best as far as the layout, ad network and style combination goes. This takes around 100,000 impressions, but they are working on new developments. In Their Own Words

“YieldBuild is a technology that provides yield management services for Google AdSense, eBay AdContext, and YPN by algorithmically formatting and placing ads to maximize text ad revenue.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

What YieldBuild is trying to achieve is noteworthy. Ads only work if they’re well done and well place, among other things and many site owners simply don’t maximize their worth. YieldBuild helps users recognize their earning potential as they still gain profits from google et al. Pretty useful stuff.

Some Questions About

Will this work better than adsense? Will they be able to deliver? Pricing? Do they take a percentage of the revenues?

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