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YFrog.comUntil now, sharing images on Twitter has been predominantly done through TwitPic. This new solution attempts to give users an alternative to the popular service, and to other services we all know if we are Twitterers even if we don’t use them such as Twitxr.


YFrog is presented by the ImageShack party, and it does what you would expect it to do without blazing any uncharted path, but without falling by the wayside either. That is, you specify the image that has to be uploaded and simply proceed to upload it. Once the image is up, you are provided the obligatory cut-and-paste code for sharing the media further on.

Note that an API is also available, but only for those who plan to give it a non-commercial use. If you are a developer and wish to employ this API professionally you must contact the team and reach a prior agreement.

The obvious comparison is the one drawn with TwitPic, and it is true that some features like displaying images in full size and tags give it an edge over this younger croaking sibling. Let’s see how YFrog develops from now on, and whether it can pose a threat to or not to the older services we all know. In Their Own Words

“Share your images on Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is nice to have alternatives, and the site does the basic task at hand as it should. More features are mandatory for it to become a killer, though.

Some Questions About

What file types are supported so far?

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