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Yes, Yes, Yes! Rounds Does Group Video Chat For Mobile

Today’s Killer Startup: Rounds



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Elevator Pitch:

“Rounds offers instant group video chat on mobile.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

The other day one of my two BFFs messaged me on Facebook, from England, to tell me that she had an “insane story” from the weekend that she wanted to share with me. I suggested we invite the third member of our friend triad but then — womp womp —realized that we couldn’t group chat on FaceTime and our friend didn’t have any other video chat program on her phone.


I ended up hearing the story from my England-based bestie and will have to repeat it to my Cali one because, unfortunately, I didn’t know about Rounds then.


Rounds is a video chat for your phone that can accommodate up to 12 participants. Yup, you heard that right: twelve people could be looking like the intro to Brady Bunch on your phone screen, no problem. They’ve already raised $22 million in funding and are quickly growing to the level of household name.


Here’s another reason Rounds is awesome: it’s not just video chat. The app lets you play games with your friends, watch videos together, and generally hang out. It’s video chat 2.0, bringing us even closer to the real life experience of being near friends and loved ones, via the internet.


Apps like Rounds are one of the major reasons I’m able to live the life that I do, hopping from country to country, without dying of loneliness. Even if you’re not a digital nomad, chances are that you don’t live near your hometown or that you’ve moved a vast distance at some point in your life. Rounds makes that fact of modern life just a little bit easier.


BRB. I’m gonna go message my best friends — both the one in California and the one in England — and let them know that we finally have a solution for our mobile chatting woes.



A solution to all of your mobile video chat woes! @6rounds


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Author : Emma McGowan

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