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Know Immediately When Prices Drop With Yellowbag

Today’s Killer Startup: Yellowbag



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Elevator Pitch:

Yellowbag helps you keep track of when the prices drop on your favorite items.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Raise your hand if you don’t like to save money. Oh, no one? Not one of you doesn’t like to save money? Awesome — I have the perfect app for you.


It’s called Yellowbag, and it’s the price alert app for all of your favorite things. Yellowbag tracks the prices of 93% of the items for sale online and lets you know when the price of something you’ve been coveting dips down. You can save items you’re interested in while your browsing the web, create categories to keep everything organized, or simply keep track of the online shops that you dig in the Yellowbag address book.


When the price of something you’ve been tracking drops below the listed price, Yellowbag will let you know so that you can snatch it up.


The team behind Yellowbag is a four guys in the Netherlands who are committed to helping online shoppers get the best deals. They developed Yellowbag with that goal in mind, and they are working hard to create the best customer experience they can for you and other bargain shoppers.


Been craving a new pair of kicks? Really need to replace your computer or buy all new equipment for your startup’s new office? Maybe there’s a big birthday or anniversary coming up in your life. Whatever the reason, there’s no reason you should have to pay full price in this age of internet shopping. Head over to Yellowbag and get started tracking the prices of the things you love today.


Put it in your yellowbag, save money, and you can thank me later.



Get notified as soon as the price drops on all those things you’ve been CRAVING with @getyellowbag


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Author : Emma McGowan

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