Yecup 365 – The Smart Mug For All Seasons

I loathe how the Christmas season stretches into earlier and earlier on the calendar each year, but I see no way around contributing to this trend now that I’ve heard about Yecup 365 – a wireless, smart mug that you can temperature control all day long. Christmas list begun and finished, thank you very much.




As someone who spends a lot of time at a desk writing and who loves to drink coffee, it often depressing me how little I usually enjoy my coffee. I forget it’s near me on the desk and it gets cold. I reheat it in the microwave, which usually boils it or brings it up to the ideal temperature for all of twenty seconds. Not the end of the world, I know, but the prospect of enjoying coffee at my perfect temperature any time, all the time, makes me incredibly happy.


With Yecup, it takes one finger to move the dial on the smartphone app to your desired temperature, and there your beverage will stay. That goes for hot or cold.


“We created Yecup 365 to give people the freedom to enjoy their drinks anywhere they choose at their preferred temperature for as long as they want,” says Vigen Sanahyan, CEO & Co-Founder of Yecup. “With Yecup’s patented temperature­control technology, beautiful design and simple user experience, people only need one mug for all seasons!”


As if precise temperature control of your drink weren’t enough, the Yecup mug also serves as a phone charger, letting you recharge your phone up to three times a day.



A glowing logo lets you know when Yecup is charging or when your drink has either cooled or heated to the right temperature. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


I’m not the only one over the moon for this mug. Yecup 365 steamed past its fundraising goal on Indiegogo and was 894% funded back in May of 2016. First shipments are slated for February of 2017. There’s still time to join pre-ordering here.


Commuting, camping, curled up on couch with a book – never take an unpleasant sip again with Yecup 365. Drink more details at


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