Yazzem.com – Another Way To Microblog

Yazzem.comThis is a new platform for microblogging. It allows anybody to start topics about anything he or she might want.

The idea is to enable any person to microblog without having to worry about any technical issue or consideration – as they put it, Yazzem is devised in a way that “even a caveman could do it”.

I admit that the approach is quite on the spot. Although Twitter is a simple idea and anybody can get started easily, the waters have been slightly mudded by some concepts such as retweeting, hashtags and so forth. Granted, these are not hard to grasp in the slightest, but some people might become confused along the way. That is where applications and tools such as this one come in.

One of the most interesting things about this new company is that the founder is just 14 years of age. His name is Zachary Collins, and the co-founder is also 14 years old. His name is Dustin Snider. The company is based in Michigan.

Yazzem.com In Their Own Words

“Yazzem allows you to connect and discuss about any topics that interest you in 140 characters or less.”

Why Yazzem.com It Might Be A Killer

Those looking for a straight micro-messaging tool will find it worth a look.

Some Questions About Yazzem.com

What features could be added now? Yazzem.com