YapTime.com – Private Discussion Groups

YapTime.comOnly a fool would discuss just any old thing on a site like Facebook. There are topics that no sound person would bring about in such a context. That is what applications like YapTime are here for.

Essentially, YapTime will let you create private discussion groups in which you interact only with people that you trust. That is only obvious, really – if it is a private group, then the ones who are part of it are people you have a kind of real life connection with.

So, on YapTime you are enabled to communicate only with them, in a setting that no outsider will have access to. You will be able to have media such as photos and videos shared and commented without any person who has got nothing to do with the discussion sticking his nose in.

And a service like this one also makes for news feeds that are completely free of clutter. So, it can be said that yaptime offers the closest to a pure social experience that has yet been devised.

YapTime.com In Their Own Words

Where private groups gather.

Why YapTime.com It Might Be A Killer

Because it will let you have 100 % meaningful social interactions.

Some Questions About YapTime.com

How man people can one of these groups have? YapTime.com