YakuYaku.com – Find A Translator Or An Interpreter

YakuYaku.comYakuYaku can be defined as an online marketplace for translation services. It empowers freelance translators to browse jobs that are posted by companies, and also to join an active community spanning the whole world.

Such a community offers help on any translation-related matter via the forums that are provided.

As a translator, you can join the site for free and create a profile in which every job that you undertake from that point onwards will be added for everybody to see, and have a good idea of what you are capable of.

For its part, people who need to have a text translated can proceed in two different ways. On the one hand, they can post jobs, set a price for them and choose the best candidate from the ones who volunteer their services. On the other hand, they can upload a text directly and have it translated by a native translator, internally proofread and sent back to them. This process implies making a deposit at the very beginning, and it will be of great use for these texts that are too technical or complex to make people volunteer their services willingly.

YakuYaku.com In Their Own Words

“YakuYaku – as its slogan ‘Love for languages’ tells – is a translation portal that stands for quality and innovation through diligence and dedication.”

Why YakuYaku.com It Might Be A Killer

The site has been assembled paying a lot of attention to detail – the way it works, you are guaranteed to have your text translated one way or the other.

Some Questions About YakuYaku.com

Can it compete with longer-running sites such as Kudoz? YakuYaku.com