search cancel – Driving Directions Maps will help you to find any specific address you might be looking for. But the maps provided by Yahoo do not only let you get around your city or other cities from one place to another. They also work as a very powerful tool to search for businesses which are located near you, like pharmacies, bookstores, or pubs.


A small menu on the top left of the screen lets you choose the type of search that you can do. Apart from the business option, you can look for particular locations, or also get directions to go to places when you are not sure of which way you can take.

According to your need you can see the maps in different modes. A satellite image is one of them, but you can also get a map to look at the names of the streets or use the “hybrid” mode which shows you both at the same time.

The “Traffic” feature informs how the day is going concerning that issue, and lets you know where the jams may be so that you can avoid them. You can as well zoom in or zoom out to view the map with the close up level that you prefer.

All the images showed in the map are the best ones available, because Yahoo takes them from Cartifact, an established cartography company that guarantees the best quality.

Bear in mind, though, that Yahoo Maps covers mainly United States and Canada locations. You could find street maps also for some other cities in other continents (South America, for example, seems to be quite updated also), but the main features are aimed at those countries.

Yahoo MapMixer Part 1 from Nimit Maru on Vimeo.



Will they expand the areas of coverage for other locations around the world?

Author : Mery Fisher

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