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Yaakit.comMake a point of checking this site if you’re ever looking for freebies in your area, because that’s exactly what Yaakit indexes and maps: giveaways all over the world. This young service is here to let people both know what those in their close vicinity are willing to part ways with for nothing, and also to let them list these items they no longer need themselves, and that they reckon others could put to a much better use. And it’s here to let people both list and get such items absolutely at no cost, as no fees are charged for creating a posting on Yaakit, or contacting any person through the site.


Using Yaakit is as simple as specifying where one is located and what he is looking for, or what one is keen on getting and where he is based. That will be it. Items will become instantly listed in the first case, and they will be immediately found in the second. And a messaging platform is provided for users of Yaakit to arrange the pick up of items in a quick and timely way. In Their Own Words

Yaakit helps you to get and give free stuff close to your area in just a few easy steps.

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