xyWrite.it – Collaborative Writing Made Easy

xyWrite.itxyWrite is a new collaborative writing tool brought to you by GotThingsDone. The plain, elegant interface consists of a note pad like editing screen.

Text must be formatted using Textile, as there is no toolbar with options for italics, bold, headers, or lists etc. Instead, there’s a formatting guide right beside the text screen. More formatting details are accessible via a link which opens in a separate window. Versions can be saved or erased completely. You’ll be given a link for later access of each document. If you’ve invited others to collaborate, you’ll be able to see what changes they’ve made as well, along with comments if any. Documents may be export to html, pdf and rtf.

xyWrite.it In Their Own Words

“What’s (xy)write?
It’s a new simple way to share and collaborate freely on a document, wherever you are.”

Why xyWrite.it It Might Be A Killer

xyWrite has a very clean, sparse look to it. It doesn’t go overboard with useless features. Very functional and accessible.

Some Questions About xyWrite.it

xyWrite suffers in ease of use. Why use Textile when most users are used to an easy access toolbar? It limits the potential audience for this significantly. xyWrite.it