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Xyndi.comSites that do not have a mobile equivalent or an app to go with them are becoming the exception nowadays, and that can be attributed to services such as this one. Essentially, Xyndi is a tool whereby individuals and small businesses can create, manage and deliver their own mobile web applications.


These come with all the basic functionalities that you would expect, and then some.

For starters, anything that you create using Xyndi is entirely brandable with your logo and customizable in terms of overall appearance. When it comes to the actual content of the app, you add it by creating screens with your own text and images, and you can also add content that is posted on social services like Twitter and Tumblr. Moreover, extracting content from blogging platforms such as WordPress is done in an equally smooth way.

As a result, you can come up with an app of your own without having to meet the (often dear) development costs that go with that. Besides, the process of publishing the app couldn’t be more direct – there is no need for your app to be approved by the AppStore or anybody else, you simply hit the button labeled “Publish” and off your app goes. In Their Own Words

“Build your Mobile App with Xyndi.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns something that is costly and time-consuming into something that is within everybody’s reach.

Some Questions About

What else can a mobile app that you create like this have?

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