Xufon.com – Aliens, UFO’s, Oh My

Xufon.comIf the X-Files, Area 51, Project Bluebook and little green men fascinate you, you’ll be enthralled with XUFON, aka Xtreme UFO Network, the place for believers to meet and discuss all things out of this world. The site gives members a chance to hold discourse over alien artifacts, abductions, conspiracy theories, Von Daniken’s theories of ancient aliens, and reversed engineered flying space crafts.

Beings from other planets are more than welcome to join in and give their POV. To become a XUFON member you’ve got to sign up and fill out your profile in which you can list your favorite genre of music, favorite books, movies and TV shows, along with orientation and education. All your comments, if any will also be listed. The site lets members post photographic and filmic evidence of flying saucers and alien creatures themselves if they’ve got them. Videos can also be embedded from Youtube. The truth is out there, so believers join in the search with XUFON.

Xufon.com In Their Own Words

“XUFON is a meeting place for UFO believers. Real UFO beings can also join this network. Members can share photos, interests, and growing network of XUFON’s friends.
XUFON is a place for UFO believers to meet, discuss, and share informations. As always, the earthlings think you are crazy, but us XUFONeses know you are perfectly fine.
It’s easy to use”

Why Xufon.com It Might Be A Killer

Just how many alien-based movies, TV shows and even plays have been made? Aliens and UFOs are hugely popular whether you believe or not. And face it, most people are curious. It’s a fascinating topic, especially among techno-geeks who are at the computer 24/7. XUFON won’t have much trouble scaring up an audience.

Some Questions About Xufon.com

XUFON is pretty fresh, so it’s lacking a lot of functionality. It’d be nice to see more interaction. What about sections for resources i.e. links to other sites, books, etc, along with forums, channels for specific video types, as well as photos? Xufon.com