xs4all.nl/~whaa/putty – An Improved Version of Putty

xs4all.nl/~whaa/puttyHere’s something for the tech savvy, programmer types out there: PuTTyTray. PuTTY is, of course, a Windows terminal emulator application which acts as a client for Telnet, SSH, rlogin, and raw TCP computing protocols.

PuttyTray is simply a vastly improved version of PuTTY which packs in quite a few features. A few of the things you’ll find inside include customizable tray icon, URL hyperlinking, portability which means you can store session configuration in files e.g. on a USB drive, high color icon, automatic reconnect from standby stage, and customizable transparency. There are also some surface alterations which make the whole app easier to use. Download PuTTYTray now—it’s free.

xs4all.nl/~whaa/putty In Their Own Words

“PuTTY Tray is an improved version of PuTTY (Win32). It features some cosmetic changes, and a number of addons to make it more usefull and much more fun to use.”

Why xs4all.nl/~whaa/putty It Might Be A Killer

PuTTYTray improves on PuTTY by adding on a handful of useful and effective features. It’s cleaner and more efficient; it’s also aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. Especially practical aspects are the url hyperlinking, the minimize to tray and automatic reconnect from Stand-by mode.

Some Questions About xs4all.nl/~whaa/putty

How secure is PuTTY? How does this version compare with original as far as performance goes? xs4all.nl/~whaa/putty