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xLingo.comAre you tired of learning languages from CDs or text books? Wouldn’t you whish that the process of learning another language would be more entertaining? allows users to learn different languages in a very cool way. is an online social network/community for language learning. It connects people from all round the world who are interested in language and culture exchange. We have integrated tools to help our members connect, discover and share among each other., makes the language learning experience a process in which users not only get to know another person, but another culture. Very cool website. In Their Own Words

“A language exchange is two or more people who speak different native languages practicing each other’s languages. They can learn from each other, it’s more fun and immersive than studying from books or audio CD/tapes. You might also find out about other cultures and make some friends along the way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It might grow to be a killer because it allows users not only to get to know a new language but to do it while knowing new people.

Some Questions About

Is this website secure? Are the tools that this website offer compatible with any PC? How are users supposed to find this website?

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