XibYa.com – A Developer Of Facebook Applications

XibYa.comEstablished in 2008, XibYa is a company which specializes in the development of Facebook apps. Its objective is to allow people to have more personal and richer social interactions, and let users of its apps make the most of social networking on the whole.

Its latest release goes by the name of XibYa Match-Friends. It is a Facebook application that enables users to match their friends at will, as well as requesting matches from friends while monitoring their match requests. In this way, anybody can ask for a match or become a match-maker himself, introducing people who wouldn’t have met otherwise and that one believes could get along more than amicably enough.

The concept itself is quite interesting, not to mention that the app is certainly easy to implement and get to grips with. If anything, Facebook is one of the connectivity tools par excellence of recent years. Anything that enables people to broaden Facebook’s inherent capabilities for intercommunication is necessarily a good addition. This company and its apps fit that description, and as such a visit to its site is advisable if you want to have a more realized social time.

XibYa.com In Their Own Words

“XibYa was founded in 2008 with the aim of enhancing the value and experience of social networking through creative, fun and easy-to-use Facebook applications. With years of technological insight and experience under its belt, the XibYa team develops smart and innovative applications for social networking, helping to accelerate success and making personal interactions richer and more meaningful.

XibYa stands out among Facebook applications because we create a rich environment for Facebook Applications. The unique experience we strive to provide in our applications comes from versatile new user interface approach designed to make the most of social networks.”

Why XibYa.com It Might Be A Killer

Those looking into bringing more dynamicity into their Facebook interactions will surely find a way to do that in here.

Some Questions About XibYa.com

Which other apps have been released by the company? Which ones are forthcoming? XibYa.com