X-pire.de – Images With An Expiry Date

X-pire.deAs the title of the review says, this is a service for posting images with an expiry date attached to them. You get the provided application, and then you upload the images specifying when they should be automatically taken down. When that date comes around, they will vanish from the Web.

You might be wondering exactly what a service like this is good for (or who would use it willingly, for that matter). Well, the answer is pretty obvious if you do think it over: people that have the rights to use an image for a certain period of time only will be able to upload them, and make them disappear from the WWW without having to lift a finger afterwards (and running the risk of forgetting to do it). The expiry date will be set down when they first upload them.

X-pire is a paid application, and you can currently go for plans lasting from 3 to 12 months. Yet, images which have been created using X-pire can be visualized by just anybody. You only have to pay if you want to upload an image, not if you want to see it.

X-pire.de In Their Own Words

Welcome to the web page of X-pire! – the innovative software that adds a digital expiration date to your images.

Why X-pire.de It Might Be A Killer

People who work with copyrighted images already understand how useful a service such as this one can turn out to be.

Some Questions About X-pire.de

Is this the first service of this nature to become available? X-pire.de