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99. You can register very easily since all you have to do is create your log in information, then just fill out the shipping and payment information, and start shopping. This is how it works: start creating your own music queue and have a CD list for your collection (you can add, remove, or even shuffle the collection at any time). Every month you will receive the first CD that is in your collection, shipped for free, but even if you don’t have a CD in your collection for them to ship you, you will still be charged $6.99, so make sure you always have a CD. You can browse music through categories such as Rock & Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Blues, more music, etc. Or you can look for music using the search box by artist name, album title, song title, composer, and selection number. You can also buy any CD you want for the same price at any time. www.yourmusic.com