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www.uClick.comDo you own a portal website, a news delivery site, an online newspaper or business? Are you a cartoonist, a puzzle constructor, or a columnist? may be of your interest.


This site’s most important goal is discovering, developing and distributing high-quality content for the Web to allow their customers to keep their clients engaged for as long as possible. If you own a website, this company can help you expanding your user base as well as engaging your current customers too. Uclick gives you the opportunity of supplying your clients with compelling and addictive content on the Web so you can grab users and hold them. This company works for portal sites, news delivery sites, content aggregators, online newspapers and dot com businesses. It claims to deliver quality content to 500 Websites a day, and to be different from their competitors based on a “better is better” instead of a “more is better” strategy. While their competitors’ most common plan is to acquire and distribute as much content as possible, they focus on high value, branded content that becomes habit-forming. They aspire to have the most compelling content instead of having the most. By getting into Uclick, you can get many different content including: comics, games (puzzles, Sudoku, arcade, and more), texts, mobile applications (wallpapers, animations, daily comics, games, etc.), weather services, and more. Besides, in this site there’s a section called Editorial Catalogue in which you’ll find many different articles, featured by category or alphabetically, on several topics such as: cartoons, international, advice, legal/writing, editorial and social. There’s also a Game Catalogue in which you can browse among well organized listings for all types of games. Moreover, you can find everything related to texts and graphics in the Text Feature section. A Weather category is also available so you can learn all about their weather services, including packages and special offers. If you’re interested in mobile entertainment, in this webpage you’ll be able to find almost everything you can think of related to it. What is more, if you’re a cartoonist, puzzle developer or columnist you can easily submit your work so you can make your brand grow. Check out the Press Room section where you can find the latest news and information about Uclick network, including their web, e-mail, and mobile products.

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