www.TreasuryDirect.gov – Financial Services

Treasury Direct is a financial service that lets you buy and redeem securities using nothing but your computer. This site (which you can access at www.treasurydirect.gov) allows you to buy securities straight from the US Department of the Treasury, in paperless electronic form. And then, manage your entire savings portfolio online.

Just all kind of Treasury Securities can be bought like this. Series I and EE Savings Bonds, notes, inflation-protected securities… you can purchase all of these, and then manage everything from a centralized spot.

And the company is also one that finance professionals and institutional investors will find useful. If you’re one, then you’ll get to use this site to manage the investments made by your clients. And Treasury Direct has even got dedicated sections for institutions and government agencies.

This website has been created by the Bureau of the Public Debt, which is part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Treasury Direct is just one of the many saving and investment products that it has created to fulfil its aim of borrowing the money that’s needed to operate the federal government, and to account from the debt that’s generated. In case you want to know more, its website is found right here.