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Target is one of the better-known retail chains in the US, and this site gives you the closest equivalent to walking into any of its stores. Products for men, women and children are available, and you can also find items for your home (such as furniture) and a wide range of electronics such as cameras, camcorders, TVs, home theaters and video gaming systems.


All these are categories that you can access on the site’s main menu, and this menu also includes a “Clearance” link where you can find items that cost much less, along with daily deals that always ship for free.

And the site also features a store locator, and a section where those who always do their shopping at Target’s can see how many rewards points they have, and how much they’ll still have to spend before they can get these prizes they’re after.

Moreover, lets those who are going to get married create an online wedding registry, and make it much easier for all their friends to know what to get for them. And everyday customers are also given the chance to create personalized lists for their birthdays, or any other significant event. Again – the idea is to make it simpler for everybody to know what to get for their friends when the time to show their appreciation comes.

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