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www.RealClearPolitics.comThis is one of the American’s independent political web sites. If you want to inform yourself about what happening in the political world each day RealClearPolitics.

com publishes commentaries, news, polling data and links to important resources of political issues and covers the most important news of each day. The site is updated every morning with new information and also throughout the day. The site’s commentaries, election analysis and polling data have been featured in national media such as New York Times, FOX News, CNN, The Economist and many more very important American media outlets. In the homepage you will find a very extensive list of daily news and you can also take a look at the entire week’s news, you will also find the “Buzz Tracker” section, it generates an opinion list of the most discussed articles and news in the blogosphere, also reed the “Reader Articles”, it features the most important articles as submitted and voted by the site’s users. The homepage also shows interesting poll averages. www.RealClearPolitics.com