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www.projectplaylist.com-Music SiteProjectplaylist.com is devoted entirely to the world of music.

Find and enjoy music legally throughout the web . Looking for the coolest downloads? Just register for free and create playlists, share your playlists with friends, and browse playlists from others. Music files are not hosted or made by this website, users are enabled to find these and listen to them .Not to add to the site’s index any links to webpages that you know host illegally posted music file, is one of the clauses of the “terms and conditions ” agreement. So legal music is what this site is all about. Their technology is compatible with other music players, so you can listen to your playlist with Windows Media Player, Real Media Player or Winamp as well. Questions such as: What project playlist music is? How to search for music? How to add a song to your playlist? And more are answered at the video tutorials section. Social twist is also given to the site, since other users blogs and reviews are available online. www.projectplaylist.com-Music Site