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PicoSearch.com is a search hosting service that provides you with a feature that allows visitors to search your website. This valuable feature is easy, effective, and safe, value-adding significant professionalism to any website. With your own search engine account that you manage over the internet, you can customize the search on your own website or collection of websites. You can manage it through the internet, control when your search gets updated, when you refresh you pages contents. Whether you are offering a search box on one site, or serving as a mini web portal for many web pages, you will help your visitors find what they’re looking for while keeping them on your site. So you will never have to lose a potential customer again! PicoSearch.com is easy to install, and offers fast accurate searching with no additional software required. This service is available FREE for popular default settings, or by business-quality subscription services with full layout control and advanced account management features. www.picosearch.com