www.Mahalo.com – Human Powered Search engine

www.Mahalo.comAs part of the humanize-the-web-fad, this site is like de.licio.

us only better, as the information is more clearly displayed, and also because there is a large group of developers (guides, in mahalo’s jargon) that restlessly surf the internet night and day to find the best and funkiest content, and organize it in a clear and appealing way so that you can find the information you are looking without the spam or the incorrect relevance order that search engines tend to fall into. And since the bookmarks and selections are permanently updated, you get in touch with sites and stuff of whose existence you would probably have never found out, would it not be for these guys, like learning German with the music of David Hasselhoff. Also, the site suggests real and clever ways to reformulate your search in order to get more relevant stuff. This is guaranteed, as the searches and editorial clipping are made by real people who seem to be quite specific and funky, based on the stuff they display in the site. www.Mahalo.com