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Kijiji is a free classifieds site owned by eBay. Are you searching for classifieds online? Kijiji.com will let you search for classifieds by location and post free ads. They offer an easy way to share and trade products ranging from antiques and collectibles to electronics and appliances.

This service adds to the global eBay.com site, where through auctions or direct buy you can find items listed by users all over the world. But the chance to find locally what you are looking for gives a different feel to e-commerce. There are no shipping charges or long waits to receive your item, so you will save time and find get immediately what you bought.

Sellers don’t pay selling fees either, so in case you have many old things you want to get rid of, maybe you can list them and see if you can make good deals from them.

Once you buy or sell an item as a user of Kijiji.com you just get in contact with the other party and agree on when and where to finish the transaction. That’s all about it, really.

You can search locations by city name, state or zip code, and access thousands of classifieds, including musical instruments and computers, as well as furniture, jewelry, and much more.

What may be the page’s most original feature is the Jobs category, which not found on the main eBay.com site. There you can search job opening according to specialty. The range of working categories is really wide, covering from Accounting to Health care and Construction. So companies can post here at Kijiji.com their job opening, but as well, job searchers can post their resumes with their work experience and the service they offer.

We could say then that Kijiji narrows the geographical reach of web transactions but on the other hand widens the classic trade which made eBaya great company by adding new features at a local level.

www.Kijiji.com In Their Own Words

Ebay Classifieds launched originally in the U.S. as Kijiji.com in June 2007. Since then we have grown a very large community and, more recently, re-designed our site to make their lives even simpler.

Why www.Kijiji.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives online transactions a local feel that worldwide portals can’t offer.

Some Questions About www.Kijiji.com

It seems as if the idea has worked fine so far. Are there any plans to take it to a worldwide level? www.Kijiji.com