search cancel – Security For Your Mobile Data is here to make safer all the great uses of smart phones and mobile devices which are changing the world these days. Because they are good for everything, we put in there all our information. But if you lose your smart phone or if it is stolen, you will go through a bad or a terrible time depending what kind information you had loaded on the device. lowers all those risks by generating the necessary safety in case of disaster. Think of it as a kind of insurance which will save you from losing everything.

Three main features are enough to make it a wonderful deal for you. For a start, all the data you save in your device, is backed up automatically on the internet in a secure way to guarantee your privacy. Then, upon the unexpected loss or misplacement of your device, you can rely on the safety copies which are available for you on the internet.

“All fine with back up”, you must be thinking, but maybe you still worry what could happen if some wrong hands get hold of your device with your private information. The remote wipeout enters the picture to guarantee you rest assured that no one will have access to your personal data although the mobile is still lost. You can access your account to make all the info disappear from the device in less time than you can imagine.

But don’t lose hope about the device itself yet, because Impala7 will also track it for you and show you a map with its location. This will help you to find out if it was only forgotten somewhere and you can go back for it or maybe you were unlucky enough and it was stolen. One way or another, knowing the device’s location will help to find the quickest solution.

By now you may be wondering for what kind of device does Impala7 works, and how much it costs. Both answers imply good news. Really, a $12 fee per year is good enough to cover yourself from worst misfortunes. And the software is designed for all existing mobile devices, too.

Even if you have more than one, the license allows you to install it in every one of them, taking care of your wallet also. In Their Own Words

Versatility and mobility at its finest. For total convenience, Impala7 mobile security software supports multiple mobile platforms like iOs/Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

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Is there any similar product for laptops or netbooks, or plans for developing it?


Author : Charly Zaks

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