KillerStartups Just For You Just For YouWant to learn more about gadgets and topics that interest you? Maybe you should visit

This site allows you to create a profile where you list all of you interests, then rate or submit items that interest you. The site is a digg that allows people with the same interests to help each other find items or to introduce each other to items that they will enjoy. Items can be anything from the most advanced cell phone to an underground band. The items, once submitted can be edited by users who have earned a two star rating. Users earn stars by submitting good/popular items on the site. This is great because if an item you are interested was already submitted and given a description you don’t agree with you can edit it. Basically is a great way to receive and share information on a vas array of subjects. Just For You In Their Own Words

“The idea is that users can find hangouts, news, blog, movies, music, books, tech-devices… and… well… just about anything that other users with the same life style and preferences liked. That is contrary to other social networks that rely on what the author of the specific content has to say about it or to networks that rely on random user input to say what’s good for you and what’s not. You’re never really sure if the users suggesting are in the same state of mind like you are.”

Why Just For You It Might Be A Killer might be a killer because it allows users to get advice and help from users with the same interests. The site also covers a great range of topics so users can find information on any topic, they don’t need search anywhere else.

Some Questions About Just For You

The site admits it is still a beta, will people want to use a site that might have bugs? Also the site covers many topics and any type of item can be submitted, does it need more of a topic focus, such as only technology and science? Will its vast range of topics overwhelm users?

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