www.Dove.com – Dove Products

Dove is one of the leading brands in beauty care products, and its website is where you can learn about new releases and promotions before anybody else does. It’s found at www.dove.com, and in addition to featuring a catalog that lets you buy whatever you want the site includes the full history of the company, for you to know more about the people behind the products you use daily.

The company’s line of products for women is spread across four different categories (“Bar/Body Wash”, “Lotions”, “Hair” and “Deodorant”), while its products for male customers are listed separately (“Men+Care”). A neat search interface lets you find products by need (IE, “acne”, “sensitive skin”, “exfoliation”…), and Dove’s most popular products are all highlighted on the homepage. People are actually encouraged to rate their favorite products, and the ones who get the best scores are also displayed there.

And in addition to letting you purchase and rate products online, on Dove.com you can learn about he company’s latest promotions and offers. Dove has actually got a very strong social presence, and questions are often asked to customers on Facebook whenever any new product is launched. You can become a fan of the company here, and doing so is also one of the best ways to interact with other customers.

And coming back to the site, you can post questions on its forum and get them answered by dermatologists and experts in their fields. These forums are also great for sharing your experience with Dove products, and discovering new contexts in which you could use them.