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www.Doobix.comThis site was built by myspace users who were tired of wasting time searching all over the net for ways to customize their profile. This site not only helps myspace users, but also has different sections on Hi5 and Friendster, so anyone using any of these three programs will probably find what they are looking for on Doobix.

com. Checkout their Myspace Codes page, which has over 40 different codes you, can use to customize out your profile. Plus, check out some of the myspace graphics, myspace backgrounds, and myspace layouts sections. Don’t have enough time to make your own layout? If so, you should check out out our Myspace Premade Layouts section. Register for a free account and submit your layout in order that anyone can appreciate it. In order to customize your profile this site offers: Layouts, backgrounds, graphics, generators, codes, editors, and more. www.Doobix.com