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www.Davesgarden.comPassionate for gardening? Here you’ll find plenty of information to take good care of your garden. Dave’s Garden is an online gardening community where friends can share information about their home gardens and participate on discussion forums, find friendly and intuitive web-based applications, and more.

They got more than 200 forums dedicated to just about every type of gardening subject and plant issue you can imagine. They feature from annuals and bonsai trees to vegetable gardening and winter sowing; from tips on seeds and planting to advice on regional gardening. No matter what you are looking for, water gardens, vegetable gardens, hanging gardens, flower gardens, or container gardens, there is a place here for any query you can have. Plus they have a database with over 36,000 species of plants and 140,000-plus images. You’ll also find another great resource is the bug identification database. It’s essentially an insect encyclopedia with over 4,500 insects listed and showing over 3,000 insect images. Check it out and find everything you need to make your garden blossom. www.Davesgarden.com