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Wuapi.comWuapi brings you high quality, high definition images. The site is similar to YouTube—you’ve got all the regular social accoutrements that you’d find on any network these days: tags, profiles, favorites, ratings, and the like.


Wuapi, however, unlike the Tube, features visually stunning videos. After you’ve seen a video on Wuapi, you won’t want to turn back. Videos are divided into a variety of categories,–you’ve got science videos, entertainment, music, games, culture, travel and more. The community can upload their own videos, after registering. Despite the high def quality, users won’t find that these videos take up any more bandwidth than YouTube or DailyMotion videos. Also, users can share videos up to 4GB in size, which is pretty large. You can watch these on full screen mode and they are bound to look better than anything you’ve seen on the net so far. In Their Own Words

“Wuapi was founded in May 2008 by a group of young entrepreneurs. It is a website where Users from the online video sector may watch and share videos via the Internet. Up to this point, it is similar to many of the websites devoted to the video sector.

We, however, are not the same.
The difference we offer in regard to the large majority of these other websites stems from the technology we use. It is a technology that allows us to offer high quality imagery, very superior to the existing level in today’s market.

It is an important step in the effort to improve services for the users of this sector.

We are in a phase in which Wuapi is poised on the cutting edge with its High Definition in online video.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Wuapi videos are truly breathtaking. They look spectacular. There is a huge difference between Wuapi videos and standard internet videos. Besides that, users can upload much larger files as well. Those fed up with the poor quality on YouTube et al, will welcome Wuapi with open arms.

Some Questions About

What sorts of videos can users upload? Will these be screened for copyright infringement, etc? Can these videos be embedded on to other sites?

Author : Siri Marshall

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