– The Why & Wherefore Of Websites

WS4WS.comSuccinct answers to the “what”, “why” and “who” for websites as a whole. That is what this portal is all about.

The categories that you can have your pick from include “Database”, “Collaboration”, “Reference” and “Wiki”. Of course, a “Social Media” category is likewise part of the main list, along with a “Productivity” one.

The key aspect of the site (and the one giving it an aura of its own) is that the answers adhere to the micro formula that the infamous blue bird from Silicon Valley has popularized. From a practical standpoint, I find insight conveyed that way is far easier to apprehend. And all the more when we are dealing with information which is slightly technical in places.

The aim of such a site is a clear one. General users can understand websites and how they work, effectively maximizing them. For its part, publishers do get the chance to promote their sites for free. The site is completely inexpensive in every case, so that if you want to question away simply set your browser to it and see what you can find. In Their Own Words

“Short answer to what, why, who for web sites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an apt way of dispelling any website-related doubts that you might have.

Some Questions About

How open is the site to submissions by the users?