Write4.net/en – Publish Whatever You Want

Write4.net/en“Publishing is a matter of a click” is the tagline of this new web-hosted application. That is quite a fine way of putting its essence across.

Essentially, it is a platform that will let you publish full articles without needing to create a blog or a site. As a matter of fact, it will let you publish articles without even signing up. Any article that you pen is published using your Twitter account.

The title can have up to 80 characters, whereas there is no limitation to the number of characters that make up the main body of the text. For its part, you can employ up to 20 characters as hashtags.

As regards the actual characteristics of the texts you publish, these are not mere plain files but they can include both pictures and YouTube videos in order to give users a richer experience.

A nice touch is that by using this system you are given a personal page where others can find all your articles grouped together. That page even has a RSS feed for added convenience.

Write4.net/en In Their Own Words

“Publish full articles without needing a blog or site. There’s no setup or login. Just write your text and Write4net will publish it using your Twitter account. That’s it. So easy. And free!”

Why Write4.net/en It Might Be A Killer

It is a hassle-free and inexpensive way to get your ideas across to others over the web.

Some Questions About Write4.net/en

How long can the videos that you upload be? Can you upload several at the same time? Write4.net/en