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Write Emails Faster – with a Personalized Touch

We’ve come a long way since the days of the “you’ve got mail” chime.


But despite the advancements that email has brought to the world of business communication, reading and sending them can still be a very repetitive and time-consuming process – one that takes time away from other important daily business activities.

This is especially true when it comes to customer service and sales-type emails that require personalization.  These are often sent dozens of times per day; yet due to the customization they require, can’t be fully automated by today’s popular email software.  The result is writing the same emails over and over again while changing just a handful of words.

Emailmate, a new web-based automation app, is turning the email game on its head.  The platform stores a user’s most common “canned” email responses and transforms them into useful personalized messages by implementing powerful customization options.

“Emailmate lets you save responses to a question and turn them into personalized templates with the customer’s name, order info, and anything else that’s pertinent,” stated Founder James Parsons.  “It can then be used anytime that same question is asked through support or sales channels – saving hours each day.”

No more spending entire days pounding away at a keyboard while other areas of business lag behind.  Users can send personalized, meaningful emails that deliver that extra customer service touch in just a few quick seconds.

Any user – from an individual to a large company – can take advantage of Emailmate for free on either Windows and MacOS through a base package.  From there, users can upgrade to either a Business or Agency package for a low monthly price.

From here, they’ll unlock the full breadth of Emailmate’s features and benefits – which include:

  • The ability to respond to emails up to 450% faster
  • Universal compatibility with every email service out there
  • No complicated email software integration required
  • Saving emails allows for ongoing improvement to response templates

Just founded in early 2018, the company is off to a great start in terms of platform development and is already gaining quite the buzz.  Forbes, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, and NBC are just a few of the top media outlets that have raved about Emailmate.

Parsons hinted at the company’s future: “The platform is currently in public beta, and we’re getting great feedback from a variety of users.  We will continue pushing improvements to make it more user-friendly as we gear up for full launch.”

Ready to streamline your email life?  Please visit to give it a try for yourself


Author : Roger Hollings

Born and bred in Maine, Roger is one of the longest-standing writers for A translator by trade, he is passionate about art in all its forms. He enjoys both classic and contemporary literature, nature photography and music from both sides of the Atlantic. Fascinated by technology from an early age, he has always explored the ways in which computers let people articulate their thoughts and communicate better with the world at large.

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