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Wrapr.orgPanoramic pictures can be really beautiful, but if you could wrap them around to make an interactive landscape of sorts, it would be even better. That’s exactly what Wrapr.


org allows you to do. Through the site, you’ll be able to take most of your Flickr panoramic images and turn them into beautiful, interactive wraparound environments. After you’re done turning the image into a wraparound environment, you can embed it into your homepage or blog, and show your friends your panoramic creation. Currently, the site is only working with a few Flickr groups, and their images are breathtaking. The wraparound images load very quickly, so you don’t have to worry about long load times drawing people away from your site. Another thing that is worth pointing out is the fact that you have the ability to view the wraparound images in full screen. This feature allows you to take advantage of your top of the line monitor. In Their Own Words

“Thanks to Wrapr, some of Flickr panoramic images can be wrapped into an interactive panorama. Wrapr enables you to embed – wherever you want – this new dimension.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Photographers both professional and amateur, will love the ability to do this to their panoramic takes. For the rest of us, it’s very fun nonetheless.

Some Questions About

Why are the pictures so grainy? Is this due to the picture’s quality or the site’s compression method?

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