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WPRemote.comA service that can let you save a lot of time if you are a blogger, what WP Remote lets you do is to monitor all the blogs you have from a single dashboard. This service is completely free, and all you have to do in order to connect your each and every blog with WP Remote is to install the provided plug-in. That will let you keep an eye on all of your blogs at once. And I mean it – there’s no limit to the number of blogs that you can monitor using WP Remote. You can even have your blogs organized into different groups, and prioritize the ones that mean the most to you (IE, the ones that give you the highest revenue).


Additionally, WP Remote can take care of backing up your blogs daily. Every 24 hours all the data will be backed up, and the files will be stored on Amazon S3. And you can also count on WP Remote to stay updated on plugin and theme updates, as well as core WordPress updates.

WPRemote accounts cost nothing, and you can sign up for yours here. You’ll be asked to supply your email, and choose a username and a password to go with it. In Their Own Words

With WP Remote you can easily monitor and manage all of your WordPress powered sites.

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When will we see something like this for other blogging platforms?

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