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WOWWAO.comWOW! WAO! is a new social networking site where users can post comments and pictures about what they are observing (in case you were wondering, the site’s name means, “Wow! We Are Observing). The concept is relatively simple, if you see, hear, or eat something you like, tell the community.


Users create a simple profile with an avatar and can post their own comments or comment on the posts of others and rate them. To find comments, you can use the simple category browsing tool or click on a tag. Registration is free and universal, although at present time the majority of the users are reside in China, Japan or Taiwan. The site’s main language is English, but users have the option of switching to simple Chinese if they wish. In Their Own Words

“A place for you to keep friends informed on What Are you Observing?

My idea is that by posting what you have observed then people will get to know more about you by reading your observation. This is a place for me to connect my friends around the world. I always back and forth in different countries and hope they can keep up with me though here”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

WOW! WAO! is unique in that its primary search mechanism is by comment category, and not by person or location. It could be appealing to anyone who wants to make connections based on a deeper level than simple age, sex, or location.

Some Questions About

WOW! WAO! really doesn’t have many options and features. It’s interesting that the site is based around user comments and uses them as a networking mechanism, but in actuality it’s nothing new; Facebook already has a similar function which is even more refined. They will need to seriously expand their user base if they really want to make waves.


Author : Fred Inman

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