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WorldTimeEngine.comThe World Time Engine is a surprisingly robust site that goes much further than just telling you what time it is in Beijing or Calcutta right now. The site allows you to compare the time in up to 5 different places and comes with a meeting planner that helps you figure out what the best time for a conference call would be between people scattered all over the globe.

To get started, simply enter any country, city, town, street, zip code, or geo coordinates into the search box and then click on “Get Time”. Search more than one location using “and” between terms. Finally, they’ve even included a Talking World Clock which you can access from anywhere by picking up the phone. In Their Own Words

“The World Time Engine service is the easiest way to compare past, current and future world times and arrange calls and meetings across multiple timezones.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If they can market this site appropriately it could become a big hit amongst business people across the world. The ability to figure out what the best time to organize a call is for all parties involved is a definite plus.

Some Questions About

Have they considered providing a toll free number for the Talking World Clock? As it currently stands, it is doubtful that people would call long distance to use the phone-in version of this solution.