– Build Your Own Cafe Network

WorldBlogCafe.comWorldblogcafe is a social network which although open to all and every, puts special focus on artists and creative types. The site is typical of other networks—you’ve got your profiles, content sharing, blogs, and friends.

The only real difference is the café concept. Members may choose to group together or go solo and create their own cafes in which they display their photos, videos, designs, etc. People can become fans of particular cafes and use their background designs. Artists have the option to list their items for sale along with displaying any current ebay auctions they’re hosting. Each café page is organized by tabs while the intial page view gives you a glimpse of the member’s content, friends, and blog entries. Registration is free. In Their Own Words

“Worldblogcafe is more then a next generation social networking site.

Worldblogcafe is a place that lets you put all together: photos, videos, music, blog and share it with your friends, family, fans, or clients. Worldblogcafe combines social interaction with music and entertainment exploration. It connects professionals and helps with creating important contacts, which can be helpful in your carrier.

Worldblogcafe shows you people alike you – with similar interests, living next to you.
Who knows what it can bring into your life.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site has clean, crisp look to it. Unlike other social networks, it’s arranged in a complementary manner with the user’s own content. Artists are given an opportunity to build a community of fans and they have a chance to broaden their clientele.

Some Questions About

Will the site expand to enable more marketplace transactions so that artists can sell their goods directly from the site? How is this site going to keep a steady user base?