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“No recruiters. No resumes. No Job Descriptions. Not even Search or Apply.”


This is not how your typical job search or recruiting tool introduces itself, and we can all be grateful for the welcome change. No one, not even immediate family, will turn out for the CV’s funeral. That’s for sure.


The newest – and I must say, most original I’ve seen in some time – startup to tackle how workers and employers connect is called is an employment marketplace that matches tech talent with employers and vice versa. It accomplishes pairings by showing how two parties are the perfect fit for one another. Quite literally.


workshape landing identifies the different tasks that constitute a job – analysis, architecture, operations, back-end, front-end, UI/UX, testing, code review, documentation and data science – and creates a visual representation of the work on a radar plot. If a worker’s qualifications match the needs of a position, their shapes will pictorially match. (If that’s a bit difficult to conjure in the mind, the illustration below should help clarify.)


workshape sample


In general, I suppose we know if a job search or recruiting tool is useful when pairings prove successful or not, but, for all the talk of algorithms matching workers with project openings, there hasn’t been a way to grasp exactly how the Cupid of employment decides where to point his arrow. Until now. lets us see clearly if people on both sides of the employment table are meant for one another.


One of the company’s co-founders, Hung Lee, astutely noticed during his 15 years in the recruitment industry that traditional tools – CVs and job descriptions – result in people being contacted for similar work to what they’ve already done, not necessarily for work they want to do now. In the end, the process creates a huge waste of everyone’s time and is a bad recipe for remaining stuck in dissatisfying partnerships.


Workshapes look to remove much of the uncertainty as to whether or not employers and workers are a good match. No need to guess about your fit; you can actually see how it looks in advance, in no time at all. gives tech workers an entirely new way to depict their qualifications and to find desirable work, be it remote, onsite or contract work. Instead of taking approximately 600 hours to create and format CVs, update profiles, and canvas professional networks, it takes job seekers roughly 60 seconds to fill out their Workshape.


Doesn’t matter if you end up looking like a circle, cube, or the outline of Alaska – any tool that readies you for the market that quickly draws a pretty picture.


Ready to find out what you look like as a worker or as an employer? Want to discover the shape of the right jobs for you? Learn more about gorgeously drawn opportunities in tech work at


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