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WorkoutBOX.comNow that the season’s cycle is gathering pace, I bet that getting in shape is a big concern for more than a fair share of people. And I have to admit that I am part of that group.

A site such as WorkoutBOX, then, will be of great help to the many of us that have to shed some pauch.

Its tagline is “Where online fitness is simple”, and it makes it come true by including a plethora of workout routines and exercises, along with a training guide for scheduling your fitness-related activities.

These workouts can actually be rated and commented by site users. This social aspect is actually crucial, as it will let you see what is working out for others before you get down to exercising. Besides, workouts are subdivided into 4 different levels (from “Rookie” to “Arnie”), ensuring that you will go step by step.

By way of conclusion, this website is more than likely to ensure that those who are just starting and those who have more mileage and are bored by the same workout will be able to enjoy the whole process of exercising as a whole. In Their Own Words

“Where online fitness is simple.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The website will do the trick when exercising and burning up calories is the order of the day.

Some Questions About

Is the site open to user submissions?