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Today’s Killer Startup: WorkDifferent


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Elevator Pitch:

WorkDifferent is “a publication and job board that highlights companies that think and care about their people.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Unless you’re a very special kind of masochist, you probably want to work somewhere that treats its employees right, right? Of course you do! Unfortunately, it’s really hard to know what it’s really like to work somewhere until you’ve dotted all the “i”s and crossed all the “t”s and signed your life away. Case in point: the one “real” job I ever had ended up having such a terrible work environment that I resolved to never- ever have a boss again.


So, I’m digging the idea of WorkDifferent. They’re all about highlighting companies that treat their employees so well that they’ll never want to leave. Their approach is two-fold: On one hand, they’re sharing how-to articles related to creating a great work environment. On the other hand, they’re a job board of those companies that you’d actually want to work for.


So many companies in the startup world brag about “company culture,” but all too often, that just means that they have like, a keg and foosball table. And maybe some beanbag chairs. Real company culture — the kind that makes valuable employees want to not only stay but evangelize for your company — is a lot harder to build than just buying some toys for your employees to play with.


If you’re searching for the kind of company that’s invested in their employees happiness (and you don’t want to end up with bad boss PTSD, like I did), head over to WorkDifferent and see if you can’t find the job of your dreams in a company that truly cares about you.



Looking for a job with a company that REALLY cares about employee happiness? Look no further than @workdif


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