– Posting Jobs On The Social Web

WorkBeast.comAs the title of the review puts it, WorkBeast offers recruiters the chance to reach out to candidates by leveraging the power of the Social Web. Through this site, a recruiter can create a listing and have it sent out to all the people within his trusted network. Then, the job can be further referred by those who received the original offer. In any case, it is important to stress time and again that only applications coming from trusted sources will reach the hands of the recruiter. That is, the screening process will be carried out by his trusted colleagues. And these colleagues will actually be rewarded for their efforts, so they have a further motivation for doing things right.

A service like this one, then, frees the recruiter from having to wade through a sea of indistinct resumes, and taking gambles when hiring out candidates. And such a service also comes a really competitive rate, specially when pitched against the ones charged by other players in the industry. In Their Own Words

Build your professional network on WorkBeast and get better jobs, candidates and referral bonuses… without using recruiters.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It goes a long way into ensuring that only candidates who are 100 % adequate will come in close contact with recruiters.

Some Questions About

What if LinkedIn ever offers the very same functionality?