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WorkArea.comWorkArea is an operating system that aims to seamlessly integrate the traditional systems of personal computers, cell phones and PDAs in a package that provides growing businesses with real-time access to their information from any wireless device.


This suite of productivity tools serves the purpose of simplifying both time tracking and administrative duties, and each tool is described on the website.

These include a “Time Clock” that will allow users to track the time they spend working on a specific project, an “Expenses” feature that creates reports for expenses pending reimbursements and a “Time Sheet” that acts as a webified version of its classic paper counterpart. There is also a wide collection of report tools that go by suitable names such as “Personal Reports”, “Company Reports” and so on.

At the end of the day, the software solutions on offer make for tracking work time and effectively managing a business from anywhere. A free 30-day trial version can be easily procured through the site if you want to see WorkArea in action for yourself. In Their Own Words

“ is an ASP (application service provider) that offers business productivity tools to its subscribers via a PC web browser or wireless Internet enabled device such as a mobile phone or PDA.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Growing businesses everywhere will find such a set of tools appealing.

Some Questions About

How much does it cost? Are there different plans available?

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