WordsMoveMe.com – Connecting Through Literature

WordsMoveMe.comIf the literary world moves you like nothing else, this website is more than likely to appeal to you. In principle, it is a sort of portal where people can submit these words that touch them the most and be matched with the relevant quotations immediately.

These “words that move you” (IE, the tags) can be not only words describing sentiments but also the name of authors and the titles of specific books.

Alternatively, you can glance at the opening screen as it is updated constantly with fragments from books and become inspired that way. When you see something that fires you up, you simply click on it to further delve in that topic and launch a search of your very own from there.

Art has the power of creating immediate bonds among individuals, and that includes people that might seem completely disparate on first looks. Literature to me seems to create some of the most poignant links that can be conjured. As such I don’t have to tell you how enjoyable I found this site to be, and I strongly recommend you give it a good, thorough look.

WordsMoveMe.com In Their Own Words

“‘Words move me’ was created by Sony to celebrate the words that move us and to share our reading experiences with others. Connecting with readers around literary moments enables us to express our individuality, share our own stories, and find commonalities with others.”

Why WordsMoveMe.com It Might Be A Killer

Those among us who like to immerse ourselves in the literary world can’t but be attracted by the basic premise.

Some Questions About WordsMoveMe.com

Which languages are supported? Which ones will be eventually added to the list? WordsMoveMe.com