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WordCurious.comThe creator of WordCurious, an American now living in the newest Prague for the expat scene, Buenos Aires, made the site so he could remember Spanish vocab. As far as a language learning site goes, this one’s pretty basic, but it does make for a less cumbersome and facile way to create word glossaries and vocab lists.


Sign up takes a few seconds, and there’s the option to input personal information, e.g. a short bio and a blurb about your favorite quote. You can also add a gravatar. From there you’ve got a simple form to add words and sayings. Lists can be kept private or you can make them public for everyone to see and share (only you can edit your lists, however). Lists can also be downloaded into excel forms. In Their Own Words

“Wordcurious was created by Norman Clarke. I’m a programmer originally from the USA, now living in Buenos Aires Argentina. I made this site because I found that I needed an easy way to keep track of new Spanish vocabulary I was learning when I moved to Argentina.

You know… when you’re a foreigner somewhere and your toilet is broken and you need to call the plumber… sometimes you want to look up a list of plumbing-related words first so that you can describe the problem, and the plumber doesn’t think you’re an idiot.

I’ve also had a lifelong interest in languages and linguistics, and my wife is a translator and interpreter. So WordCurious simply had to happen.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

WordCurious is very low key but helpful. One difficult aspect of learning a new language is vocab and idiomatic sayings; you could keep handwritten notes, but it’s so much simpler to have a place on the net to store your lists so you can access them anywhere. It’s also beneficial to see other people’s lists.

Some Questions About

Is there any way to upload lists? Will there be a printer friendly version of this? What about adding a means to make flash cards?

Author : Siri Marshall

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